Amazon Gift Card
Winner: NIKHIL
Winning Bid: 0.91
Samsung B310E (White)
Winner: Ramesh
Winning Bid: 3.03
Philips Hair Dryer
Winner: Ramesh
Winning Bid: 0.05
  • Offers

    1. Scheme valid from 14.08.2018 06:00PM to 18.08.2018 till 11:59PM

    2. Under this offer User will get 1GM RSBL GOLD COIN/BRICK with 24kt  absolutely free.

    3. To qualify for RSBL gold user must deposit a minimum of Rs 10,000 or more to bid4jeet's account.

    4. One user can claim maximum of 2 times to this offer.

    5. Gold coin will be couriered to the respective user's address on 25.08.2018.

    6. 25% extra credits also applicable to this offer if user deposits the amount through anybank debitcard option while making the payment.

    Note: This offer will not applicable if you purchase the bids before 20 minutes of any 10PM auction closer .


    1. Validity: from 17.06.2018 10:00PM to 21.06.2018 at 10PM

    2. User will gets the extra credits as per below mentioned

    1 Rs. 100/- Rs. 200/-

    3. The extra amount will credited to the use's account within 5minutes of the transaction.

    4. This amount is applicable for all buyback/bidback scheme.

    5. For this offer there will no club of any other deposit offer.

    6. This offer will valid for only QR-code scan paytm payment to bid4jeet.

    7. User can deposit only 2time.

    Ongoing Deposit Bonus: LIVE

    Benefits: Under this user get some bid points  after successful deposit of money to his/her account.

    On every Deposit of Rs. 100 get 200 Bid Points free. So on every amount deposited to Bid4jeet is the multiple of Rs.100 then the corresponding Bid Points will be given.

    If you deposited: Rs. 200 then you will get 400 bid points
    If you deposited: Rs. 400 then you will get 800 bid points & so on...

    Another 15% deposit scheme is going on our website, to claim this credits you needs to send the ccavenue order mail to "" minimum amount should be Rs 2000/-

    Note: 15% extra bidcredits will not be applicable if the deposits will made within the last 20 minutes of auction closer.

    **Note After winning any auction on our platform , One time Varification will be required by us, You have to provide a ID Proof and a Address Proof and a photo ID proof for our varification of Genuine winner, After completion of Successful varification and all formalities we will Dispatch the Item to your Doorstep.

    PAYTM Deposit Bonus through QR-code

    Benefits: Under this offer user will gets 20% extra bidcredits with the respective amount of bidpoints to his/her bid4jeet's account.

    Process to claim: User needs to deposit the amount through paytm application by scanning the QR-code as provided on our website & send the payment to bid4jeet.

    --> The mobile number should be same in both the platforms(in paytm & bid4jeet), If not then you have to immediately drop an email for that to "" with the required details.

    -->The minimum amount should be Rs 1000/- inorder to claim 20% extra bidcredits.

    -->It will automically credited to your account within 15-20 minutes of your deposits with all the benefits.

    -->There is no any limitation to this offer user can deposits as much as he/she can.